Anger Alchemy



Anger Alchemy

The sun comes breathing fire, yet we don’t think something’s wrong with it. Thunder and lightning appear, we may even run away, but we don’t question whether they are part of nature.

 Yet, when anger arises, we move to suppress it, release it, meditate or heal it away. In short, we treat our anger as a pathology – a symptom of an illness to be fixed, corrected or remedied.

In this workshop, we will meet anger with respect, honor, even love.  We will meet it as an ally.


Workshop Format

The workshop will be on Zoom video conference. Each session will be recorded in case you miss a session. Each class will consist of teachings, discussion, an exercise, and work with individuals in order to deepen the learning and model depth psychological techniques in working with anger.

Each session will start with an exercise designed for you to meet anger somatically (in your body), in movement and dance, in sound, and in art.


Session 1:  Suppression and Shame of Anger

In this session you will learn about how and why you suppress anger by looking at your early personal story as well as social conditioning (e.g., sexism & racism). Identifying these conditionings is critical to understanding your relationship with anger.


Session 2: Inner Anger

In this session you will learn how anger builds up as a result of persistent inner criticism that goes without notice or response.  Identifying these inner dynamics is critical in developing self-love and abating projection onto others.


Session 3: Angry Words

In this session you will learn to connect with the words your anger wants to speak in order to stand up for your needs and break through co-dependent cycles in relationship. Having access to these words is critical in developing deeper relational intimacy.


Session 4: Angry Energy in the World

In this session, you will make contact with the deeper energy of anger – a force that can become an ally in your coming out with your  dreams, creativity and social identity into the larger world. Making anger an ally is critical to bringing your gifts to the world and following a path of authenticity.


Dates and Time: Thursdays, May 14, May 21st, June 4th, and June 11th from 11 a.m. til 12:45  U.S. Mountain Time.

Cost: $285 U.S.  (Some partial scholarships available upon request)