Body as Guru: Accessing the Body’s Wisdom for Our Lives

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$40 pre-registered; $45 at the door

The Homeopathic Coach /

While we look outside for wisdom and guidance, one of our nearest and dearest teachers is right here—our bodies. It can tell us how we really feel and its symptoms and discomforts are dreamlike messages counseling us to make changes in our lives. How can we access that wisdom?

Via lecture and discussion, live demonstration, and guided exercise, you will learn:

  • How to use your body to contact your inner teacher
  • What your body is telling you about a current difficulty or problem

           you are facing

  • How your mind, body, and night time dreams are inter-connected

Bring your deepest, most urgent questions, and build a relationship with yourself and your body that fosters self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

COST: $40 pre-registered; $45 at the door