Breaking Shame’s Grip



Breaking Shame’s Grip

Shame is a psychological immune disorder - it undermines our boundaries, leaving us unprotected, and turns us against ourselves, endangering our nature and gifts.

In these four sessions, you will learn how to break shame’s grip on your wellness and to nurture a loving relationship with your true self.


The workshop consists of 4 sessions:

Class 1: You will learn how to trust your inner guidance and boundary-making system.

Class 2: You will learn how to directly connect with and express difficult feelings, free of shame’s toxic view.

Class 3: You will learn how to identify and address internalized oppression and abuse – the place where shame lives and grows.

Class 4: You will discover how your gifts have been hidden by shame’s annihilating lens.


Each class will consist of theory, discussion, and inner-work exercises. In addition, David will work with several participants to model how to work with shame.


Dates: Fridays; November 13th,  20th,  December 4th  and  11th from 12:00 pm - 1:45 pm Mountain Time

Cost: $285

Format: Zoom video conference.

Registration: To register, fill out of the form at the bottom of this page. You must make your payment by the end of day November 11th.

SAFETY AND VULNERABILITY: I am committed to creating a safe, shame-free atmosphere so that vulnerabilities can be shared and deep can take place. Participants always report being awed by the loving and judgment-free space we create together.