Eating, Hunger, and Body Image

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$235 Saturday only (more info. below)

The Homeopathic Coach /

Tried dieting? Failed? So have 95% of dieters and the $60 billion diet industry is banking on your failure! People’s bodies, body image, eating patterns, and even their resistance to diets are incredibly meaningful but terribly misunderstood. Body shame and poor body image cannot be healed by weight loss alone. Come learn to listen to the wisdom of your body and hear the message it has for you about your power, beauty, and purpose.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn to trust your own wisdom about which weight loss strategies are right for you
  • Discover the deeper needs and desires behind your eating patterns and preferences and how to fulfill them
  • Identify and combat the hurtful criticisms you have about your body
  • Connect with others in a circle of power and care for the struggle to love our bodies and ourselves

Bring your deepest, most urgent questions and build a relationship with yourself and your body that fosters self-knowledge and self-love.

COST: $235 Saturday only ($395 Sat & Sun - See Event Info. for 27 Sep 2015)
Early Discounts Available!