SFISS – Shame Intensive



David Bedrick

Working with Shame

The Santa Fe Institute for Shame-Based Studies (SFISS)

The mission:  To educate people on the workings of shame in preventing healing of almost every other issue people face and to foster the development of love-based witnessing skills - the key to working with and healing shame.  

SFISS will be offering a series of courses as well as a one and a half year program leading to a certificate in shame-based coaching. The first course is a six month ‘Shame Intensive.’ The Shame Intensive will be a stand alone course for those who want to work on their own healing or an entry to the certificate program for those who want to proceed further.

The curriculum for the Shame Intensive:

Month 1: The Shame Fortress: During this month we will study shame’s etiology (its root beginnings in the psyche), the definitional elements of shame, and work with individuals to make the dynamics of shame easier to spot. We will learn how shame keeps us from truly knowing ourselves, protecting ourselves, and trusting our own authority. Participants will get a chance to work on their own shame through exercises and David’s modeling of loving witnessing skills. 

Month 2: Developing loving witnessing skills: During this month we will develop the 3 essential skills in healing shame -   feeling skills, seeing skills and believing skills. We will also focus on perhaps the most important inner location for shame to live and grow -  inner criticism. We will learn more about the power of each witnessing skill through discussion, exercises, and modeling. 

Month 3: Working with personal history: During this month we will focus on abuse, parental figures, and parental complexes - the ways our childhood lives today and how those stories and experiences need witnessing to release the shame that originated there. We will learn more about the key elements of our early stories, how shame holds those stories in a painful shamed place, and how to move on a path of self-love that heals the shame. 

Month 4:  Working with shamed feelings: During this month will we work with anger and hatred, grief and loss, prolonged sadness, tiredness and fatigue, judgment and resentment, and more. The goal will be to learn how to witness feelings (which are often invisible to the person and to the witness) and how to cultivate a deeper belief in the meaning and unfolding of these feelings so that people learn from them as well as not get stuck in them. 

 Month 5: Working with body shame: During this month we will work with body weight, body shape, and body size. The goal will be to address one of the greatest epidemics of our time - body shame, body hatred. We will learn how shame becomes part of what keeps people from changing and loving their bodies as well as how to explore eating habits and the meaning of disturbing body shapes and sizes.

Month 6: Working with behavioral patterns: During this month we will work with addictions, addictive tendencies, and co-dependency. The goal is to understand how the underlying needs drive difficult resistant behavioral patterns. We will learn how to discover those needs, why they are disliked, and how to foster their expression in ways that are less harmful and more deeply fulfilling. 

DATES: Fridays; January - June 5:30pm - 7:00pm Mountain Time; Exact dates to be determined.

COST: $1850 (Can be paid in installments)

FORMAT: This is an online video conference course. Each class will be 1 hr. 30 min. We will meet on Fridays for 3 classes a week beginning on January 11th at 5:30pm U.S. Mountain Time (7:30pm EST, 4:30pm PST)

REGISTRATION: To register, complete the form below with your full name and email address and click the button. You will then be directed to Paypal to process your payment. You must make your payment by the end of day Thursday, January 10th to participate in the class. If you have any problems registering, email Leila at sessions@davidbedrick.com

SAFETY AND VULNERABILITY: I give a caring and ever present attention to making a safe, shame-free atmosphere so that vulnerabilities can be held and the learning can be deep and authentic. Participants always report being awed by the loving and judgment-free space we create together.