Rap on Race: A Webinar with India Elaine Garnett and David Bedrick



David Bedrick / dbedrickspeak@mac.com

Shame permeates the American experience of people of color. Red, savages... Black and Brown, lazy and dim-witted... Yellow, high achievers... We are boxed in before our birth by systems put into place before we were born. We are steeped in negative projections and stereotypes, reinforced by a culture that views the consequences of these assaults as a problem of the ones victimized, as opposed to an illness we all suffer from and must heal.

This webinar consists of 3 parts:

  • Bear witness to an intimate dialogue between India and David about their stories and viewpoints about race and activism in America.
  • Share your own questions, challenges, heartaches, hopes, and dreams. 
  • Reflect on your own inner life as we help you identify ways you can begin making change.

FORMAT: Class will be held via Zoom video conference where everyone can see and hear each other.

COST: $45

DATE & TIME: Monday, November 7th, 2016 from:
                                8-10:30pm Eastern Time
                                7-9:30pm Central Time
                                6-8:30pm Mountain Time
                                5-7:30pm Pacific Time

REGISTRATION: We must receive your payment by noon on the day of the class for you to be registered for the class. You will receive an email invitation from David about 15 minutes before the class begins, providing instructions for connecting with the class online. Payment may be made via PayPal.