The Healing Path: Dragons, Enemies, and Stumbling Blocks

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The Homeopathic Coach /

Relief from our symptoms are signs of healing whether they are in our bodies, emotions, or relationships. But our healing path is not always linear, taking us through  seeming failures, self-sabotage, and moments of doubt, shame, and despair. Sometimes our bodies get bigger, even when we try to lose weight; sometimes our physical health cycles from worse to better and worse again; sometimes our most difficult feelings return, seemingly unmoved by our efforts and intentions; and sometimes our relationships cycle through stages of tension and conflict.

To hold who we truly are and care for ourselves, we need a perspective that creates less of a sense of shame and failure when we suffer, and more of a sense of hope, deep understanding, and self-love.

We will consider:

  • The suffering caused by a “fix” mentality
  • The circuitous path healing often takes
  • The beauty, power, and wisdom in our resistance to getting better
  • How to hold our healing efforts and hopes with greater love

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