The Healing Power of Illness: The Calling of Our Body’s Symptoms

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As you listen to the message of your symptoms you begin to use your body to connect with your deepest self and the intelligent role symptoms play in guiding you on your life path.

This 2-day workshop will consist of:

  • Unfolding a symptom
  • Linking childhood dreams and symptoms
  • Understanding the guidance for life your symptoms are providing
  • Connecting with the creative powers of your symptoms
  • Living the energy and power of your symptoms
  • Healing and living the song of your symptoms
  • Connecting symptoms, sound and the planet Earth
  • Experiential inner work exercises

Bring your symptoms, dreams and an open heart to fully experience symptom shifts in your body. This workshop is suitable for healers of all disciplines and people interested in working with their own symptoms.

COST: $395

REGISTRATION: Contact The Metavision Institute