Unfolding the Meaning of Your Dreams

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$235 Sunday only (See below for more info.)

The Homeopathic Coach / www.thehomeopathiccoach.com

Dreams are doorways to the other world, a shamanic passage, providing an enlightened-eye view from which to see and heal. They illuminate the shadow, highlight our judgments, awaken us to hidden gifts, introduce us to our deepest selves, and point us toward our path of heart.

The workshop will consist of:

  • Exercises to open the mind to dreaming
  • Concepts and discussion about dreams
  • Live demonstrations of dream work
  • Exercises to help you understand your own dreams

Bring your most urgent questions, your nighttime dreams, and everything that calls to you, disturbs you, and haunts you.

COST: $235 Saturday only ($395 Sat & Sun - See Event on 26 Sep 2015) 
Early Bird Prices Available!

REGISTRATION: Contact www.thehomeopathiccoach.com