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David Bedrick, JD, Dipl. PW is an author, speaker, teacher and expert on the topics of shame, night time dreams, weight loss and body image, diversity and social injustice, and new paradigms in psychology.

A Therapeutic Intensive is a good fit if:

  • You have a specific issue you want to focus on.

  • You feel a sense of urgency in addressing it.

  • You are committed to working on making change.

  • You are open to exploring your shadow.

  • You are willing to let go of old belief systems.

4 Session Intensive

10 Session Intensive

One Year Intensive

Issues may include:

*difficult feeling states (e.g., depression, anxiety, grief) * relationship patterns *
* career changes * habits, addictions and weight loss * health, physical symptoms and chronic illness * self-esteem, inner criticism and shame *

All Therapeutic Intensives consist of: Sessions via Zoom video conference, phone, or in person; between-session e-mail check-ins to answer questions and encourage change effort; tailored assignments between sessions designed for your particular learning process; and a diagnostic phase, a learning phase, and a future growth plan.

“David Bedrick is one of the most brilliant voices in modern psychology today. His authenticity and credibility aligns with previous trailblazers with significant expertise in psychology, like M.Scott Peck, Carl Jung, Erich Fromm and Abraham Maslow. Thinkers like David Bedrick are making a difference by promoting broader consciousness to positively change lives, and modeling what intellectual courage looks like among those positioned to ultimately help shift the cultural landscape.”—Fannie LeFlore, M.A., Psychotherapist and Writer

There are no words broad enough to describe David’s unique qualities, skills and insight. Not sure where I would be right now if he were not a part of my journey.” —James Vallone, J.D.

“I cannot tell you how profoundly David Bedrick has touched my life. A wiser and more compassionate human being I have never encountered.” —Ann Pierson D’Angelo, Social Activist

“David delves deeply into things in ways that other counselors seem incapable of doing. I got infinitely more useful information and tools from David in one hour than I got from other counselors in three.” —Shay Seaborne, Sailor

“David is the warmest most present therapist and mentor I have experienced. He manages the delicate dance between loving support and actually facilitating your engagement in growing and learning about yourself. I would recommend him to anyone who is ready to help themselves and wants to learn how to do it gently, deeply and with enduring awareness.”—Sam Adkins, M.A., Holistic Counselor, Homeopath

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