Revisioning Activism

Bringing Depth, Dialogue, and Diversity
to Individual and Social Change

MANY FORMS OF ACTIVISM live in the margins of more conventional strategies. These essays broaden our vision of activism to include how the social/political world impacts the inner lives of people, how dialogue across diverse viewpoints can impact hearts and minds, and how psychology can play a role as a social-change agent. Bedrick deconstructs racism by looking at divergent views of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He deconstructs sexism by critiquing the diet industry and the way women feel about their bodies. Bedrick brings this same psychological eye to understanding societal problems (e.g., gun control, addiction), national celebrities (e.g., Robin Williams, Lance Armstrong), and popular psychology’s failure to create sustainable change. Whether used in a classroom, with a friend, or alone, Revisioning Activism provokes critical thinking, feeling, and dialogue. It’s a daring call to empower activism and see ourselves as individuals intimately woven into a web of relationships and social issues.

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“These practical essays offer hope to those who believe they must suffer silently and alone.”
—Foreword Reviews
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“In service of sanity, justice, love, and mercy. A true treasure in our midst.”
—Herbert D. Long, Th.D., Dipl. PW, former dean, Harvard University

“Honors the epic struggle shared by individuals and groups who triumph over trauma.”
—Aberjhani, poet, historian, and co-author of Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance

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“A gift of awareness, courage, and hope.”
—Mary Canty Merrill, Ph.D., author and editor of Why Black Lives Matter (Too)

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