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You Can't Judge a Body by its Cover

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About the Book

In You Can’t Judge a Body by Its Cover, David Bedrick offers seventeen stories of individual women who open the door to their souls: stories of shame and self-love, victimization and empowerment, being small and being big, fear and hope. In his illuminating therapeutic interviews, you’ll witness women discover the secret behind their resistance to diet programs, the beauty of their bodies and hungers, and the redeeming insights of what moves them to reclaim authenticity, power, and grace. Get ready to be inspired. Get ready to see it all differently. Get ready to meet the life-changing secrets held within your body’s rebellion to living in a society that fetishizes thinness and shames authenticity.

David Bedrick

About the Author

David Bedrick, J.D., Dipl. PW is an attorney, educator, and process worker. He founded the Santa Fe Institute for Shame-Based Studies where he teaches and works with individuals from around the world. He is the author of Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology and Revisioning Activism: Bringing Depth, Dialogue, and Diversity to Individual and Social Change.

“I reject any weight loss strategy that doesn’t help a woman love herself more even if she never loses a single pound.”

– David Bedrick

“Bedrick’s understanding of the impact of sexism, female socialization, and internalized oppression on the emotional and physical health and wellness of women is palpable on every page and woven through every story.”

—Jan Dworkin, PhD, author, Make Love Better

Order the Book!

“The intersectionality of racism and sexism is a complex and multi-faceted phenomenon that exacerbates the weight struggle among Black women. David Bedrick gets it.”

—Mary Canty Merrill, PhD, author of Why Black Lives Matter (Too)

Other Books by David Bedrick

Talking Back to Dr. Phil

Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology

IN THIS INNOVATIVE BOOK, counselor, coach, educator, and attorney David Bedrick introduces a fresh approach to understanding disturbing feelings and behaviors. Using examples from the television show Dr. Phil, he illustrates mainstream psychology’s tendency to shame people into thinking something is wrong with them. He then debunks many standard protocols and “fixes.” Drawing on provocative insights into such topics as dieting, sex, anger, addictions, domestic violence, and more, Bedrick goes on to present a love-based psychology rooted in the belief that there is profound meaning in our struggles, which can come to light when they are compassionately reframed.

Revisioning Activism

Bringing Depth, Dialogue, and Diversity to Individual and Social Change

Revisioning Activism bookcoverMANY FORMS OF ACTIVISM live in the margins of more conventional strategies. These essays broaden our vision of activism to include how the social/political world impacts the inner lives of people, how dialogue across diverse viewpoints can impact hearts and minds, and how psychology can play a role as a social-change agent. Bedrick deconstructs racism by looking at divergent views of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He deconstructs sexism by critiquing the diet industry and the way women feel about their bodies. Bedrick brings this same psychological eye to understanding societal problems (e.g., gun control, addiction), national celebrities (e.g., Robin Williams, Lance Armstrong), and popular psychology’s failure to create sustainable change. Whether used in a classroom, with a friend, or alone, Revisioning Activism provokes critical thinking, feeling, and dialogue. It’s a daring call to empower activism and see ourselves as individuals intimately woven into a web of relationships and social issues.

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