David Bedrick, JD, Dipl. PW is an author, speaker, teacher and expert on the topics of shame, night time dreams, weight loss and body image, diversity and social injustice, and new paradigms in psychology.

Hunger for Food, Hunger for Life

We tend to think about hunger in relation to food, but guess what? We have a lot of hungers for a lot of things. And by hunger, I mean craving, need, thirst, desire,... more

Shame: The Master Emotion

A child is assaulted by a parent; the other parent looks away, dismisses, minimizes, or simply doesn’t see. What happens psychologically? The assault needs to be... more

Stress: The Whole Truth

"I'm so stressed"; "I'm stressed out"—words spoken by people every day. Stress is one of the most written-about areas in psychology. Just by listening and reading,... more

6 Reasons Not to Forgive, Not Yet

I readily admit that there is a moral imperative to forgive; it is clear that forgiveness can be a powerful force of healing and reconciliation. However, I must speak... more